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Cedar Lifestyle has been serving the public for 15 years. We must say our wellness spa has grown quite big in order to cater to the ever changing demands of our clients. To give you an overview as to what services we offer, read on.

Cook Now

This is our service where we will be able to teach you how to cook healthy and delicious meals without compromising taste yet gives you that filling factor you need. This will make you help you change your eating habits by changing the way you cook and the ingredients of the dishes. Later on, you will see for yourself what this can do to your body and budget. You will be saving more money because you do not eat more instead you are watching over your portions and the calorie intake.


Those who do want to lose a few pounds off of their body, we give you the slimming service. This service is aimed to those who are struggling with their weight and would want to lose it with the help of a professional. We do have a personal trainer who will be able to help you out on how to go about to slimming down your body the healthy way. Cedar Lifestyle has the right person for you.

Stop Smoking

For those who have been struggling for ages to quit smoking Cedar Lifestyle has the right formula in order to quit the habit before it will take its toll on your health. We have a licensed professional who will help you beat the habit and quit smoking totally! We have a higher success rate with our clients for those who acquire this service. So, if you want to stop smoking join us.

Lifestyle Consultation

This service is good for those who want to undergo a lifestyle change, especially to those struggling with their weight and health issues. Our consultation is free good for an hour. This is given to those who are interested to know more about what Cedar Lifestyle has to offer. If you get this service you will get a full team of personal trainer, nutritionist and a doctor who will join forces in order to make sure you are on the right road ahead.

If you want Cedar Lifestyle helps on your road to a healthier lifestyle, you could drop us a line or two via mail. We will revert to you the soonest.

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